The 7 Hottest Places in Italy

Italy is renowned for its warm and welcoming Mediterranean climate, but it’s not one blanket temperature for the whole country. In fact, temperatures between the coldest and hottest places in the country differ by as much as 10 °C (50 °F). That’s a big difference when it comes to topping up your tan. Average weather in Italy ranges from below freezing to blistering heat, with August being the hottest month. In fact, a recent record-breaking temperature of 48.8°C (119.8°F)  was recorded near Syracuse this year in August 2021. Unsurprisingly, the hottest places in Italy are in the south of the country, but that’s not always the case. Take a look at our cheat sheet on the hottest places in Italy.

The hottest places in Italy

1. Syracuse (Sicily)

Syracuse has historically boasted scorching temperatures, but in August 2021 it smashed European records. Located on the island’s southeast coast, Syracuse was once the most important city of the Magna Graecia. It defeated Athens in 413 BCE and according to Cicero it was one of the ‘greatest Greek cities and the most beautiful of them all.’ It’s on the Ionian coast too, so you can always take a dip in its notoriously clear waters to cool down.

Average summer temperature: 31°C

Average winter temperature: 11°C

hottest places in Italy

2. Agrigento (Sicily)

Agrigento is located on the other side of the island, on the island’s southwest coast. Like Syracuse, it’s well-known for its archaeological ruins – the archaeological park boasts eight impressive temples alone, including the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Concordia, the Temple of Heracles, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Hephaestos, the Temple of Demeter, and the Temple of Asclepius (the God of Medicine).

Average summer temperature: 30°C

Average winter temperature: 11°C

hottest places in Italy

3. Catania (Sicily)

Another entry for Sicily, this time its sec0nd city. Set between the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna, it’s one of the island’s busiest and hottest destinations. Temperatures regularly hit the mid-thirties through the summer.

Average summer temperature: 30°C

Average winter temperature: 11°C

4. Crotone (Calabria)

This Calabrian commune was founded in 710 BCE. It overlooks the Ionian Sea, on the southeast coast. It’s home to the Castle of Charles V, as well as a beautiful cathedral built in the 11th century. It gets hot in the summer, often reaching temperatures of 30°C.

Average summer temperature: 29°C

Average winter temperature: 10°C

5. Foggia (Puglia)

Foggia isn’t the prettiest place in Puglia, but it is the hottest. Winter days reach highs of 13 °C but in the summer temperatures can exceed 40 °C. Before this year, Foggia held the record for the hottest day in Europe, reaching 47 °C (117 °F) in June 2007. Other reasons to visit, beyond the heat, include a beautiful Baroque cathedral, archaeological museum and a handful of elegant piazzas. It’s also within spitting distance of the Parco Nazionale del Gargano – Puglia’s celebrated national park.

Average summer temperature: 30°C

Average winter temperature: 9°C

6. Forlì (Emilia-Romagna)

Not all of Italy’s hottest towns and cities are scattered across its southern coastline. Forlì, a provincial capital, is located in the Po Valley between Cesena and Faenza. The Romans founded it in 2 BCE and much of the town retains its Roman character. There are ancient ruins, palaces, towers and churches, as well as a healthy amount of porticoes (Bologna style). If you like your holidays hot, this off-the-beaten destination could be for you.

Average summer temperature: 28°C

Average winter temperature: 4°C

7. Potenza (Basilicata)

The capital of Basilicata – Italy’s instep – Potenza boasts mild winters and warm summers. The city overlooks the valley of the Basento river in the Apennine Mountains and is one of the highest provincial capitals in Italy. Temperatures are suitably sizzling, frequently tipping into the thirties from May to September. It’s a good drive from the sea but there are plenty of lakes surrounding the city if a waterside view is the only thing that can cool you down.

Average summer temperature: 27°C

Average winter temperature: 4°C

hottest places in Italy

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